Eddie Bear

The REACH child cancer mascot "Eddie Bear" is named after Eddie the "E" in REACH. Eddie Bear is part of the team and is present at most charity events and gets involved in lots of REACH child cancers promotions and outings. He can be rather mischievous so keep a look out for him around New Zealand. Eddie Bear is pictured ringing the end of treatment bell in CHOC. REACH child cancer's aim is for each child diagnosed to be able to ring the end of treatment bell through increasing research into child cancer by creating new and better options for children diagnosed 

Eddie Bear is spreading the word about child cancer awareness

Rangiora Swimming Pool

Thank you to Rangiora swimming pool for hosting our Eddie Bear he collected $42.60 in donations. His PA forgot to take a picture of him by the pool - good job really as he had forgotten his swimming trunks!

Kaiapoi Nursery & Preschool

Eddie Bear had a fun day joining in the daily routines with the Kaiapoi nursery and preschool children. The children heard how Eddie Bear helps by visiting preschools and other workplaces to heighten awareness and fundraise for child cancer research.

After leading group time and singing songs Eddie Bear shared kai with the children before going off to play on the bikes and read stories with the toddlers.
After a busy day Eddie Bear said ka kite and left for another adventure. 

Compass FM

Roxy & Eddie Bear spent the day volunteering at Compass FM answering phones, chatting on the mic (what a chatter box), helping Reuben to record commercials, and lots of other jobs.

Merivale Health & Beauty

Eddie bear had an awesome day at the beauty salon at Merivale Health and Beauty with Nicola Austin. He was very relieved not to have the brazilian.

Hassle Free Tours

Thank you to Hassle Free Tours for taking Eddie Bear out with his leaflets and making it known that September is child cancer awareness month.

Beyond the Faerie Tree

What a busy day Eddie Bear had visiting the gorgeous fairies at Beyond the Faerie Tree. Gosh they were unbelievably beautiful. I do believe Eddie Bear is relishing his days out with leaflets at hand meeting folk to talk about child cancer awareness month and REACH child cancer. He left with glitter on his nose and fairy wishes in his pocket for better and less toxic treatments for children with child cancer. Where will he visit next?


Eddie Bear's child cancer awareness visit led him to Signscape sign writers. They produce giant and little signs and print on vinyl and do sign writing for vehicles. Eddie Bear was told not to press any buttons!ūü§®

Z Cars Rangiora

Coffee is definitely currency at Z Cars and Eddie, mascot for REACH, was happy to give our favourite coffee chick a cuddle for his coffee.

Thank you Z Cars for spreading the word that September is child cancer awareness month.

Kindercare Rangiora

During September Eddie bear will be visiting businesses for a day and spreading awareness of child cancer and REACH child cancer's fundraising efforts to fund child cancer research . He had a lot of fun at Kindercare Rangiora and was so worn out that he even had an afternoon nap. 

Thank you Kindercare Rangiora for hosting Eddie Bear. Keep an eye out to see where he has been and what mischief he gets up to.

Z Waikuku

Wow almost at the end of the Good in the Hood Z campaign. Thank you to the wonderful staff and customers at Waikuku Z station for letting us get under your feet. Look at all those tokens!! 
If you voted with your token for REACH child cancer thank you so much. Every vote counts to help REACH child cancer fund research for child cancer.

Team Extreme ATV Racing

Thank you to Team Extreme ATV Racing for all your help to REACH child cancer. It was lovely to meet with you on Mothers day at Ellesmere speedway. We love the REACH child cancer logo on the green machine! 

Eddie Bear met up with Jodie and showed her his driving skills.

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Bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant

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Radiation therapy for childhood cancer

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Surgery for childhood cancer

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Chemotherapy for childhood cancer

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Cancer treatment

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Medicines to help with pain during tests and procedures

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Tests to find out how well organs are working

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Tests and procedures - reducing anxiety and distress

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X-rays and scans to test for childhood cancer

X-rays and scans take pictures of various parts of the body. Bones show up most clearly but you can also see other tissues.Read more

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