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Day 25 - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

REACH Child Cancer is raising funds for the ongoing development of the Circulating Tumor DNA  project that is led by Professor Parry Guilford of the Otago University. This will provide a means for oncologists to better treat childhood cancers by ensuring ongoing treatments are well targeted and effective to improve the longevity of the youngest cancer patients. This research is the first in the world to explore the utility of ctDNA to specifically target child cancers.  By using a simple blood test, the aim is to make treatment less toxic, less harsh, and less evasive by providing an early indication of whether treatment is working while rapidly detecting relapse. This will reduce the need for hospital visits and remove barriers to those who may have poor access to hospital care. REACH will promote the international symbol of child cancer, which is the gold ribbon and increase awareness of child cancer and its effects.


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