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We welcome any help from groups who wish to fundraise to raise money for REACH child cancer research. From giving up presents, to getting together with your work mates, or selling cakes, there are so many ways for you to make a difference. Take a look at some of our fantastic fundraisers below - you guys rock!

All about Birthday Fundraisers

Don't feel like having another birthday party? Donate your next birthday and help change the lives of children with cancer. Instead of receiving gifts, you can ask your friends to donate to your page. A donation goes much further than a pair of socks!

All about Work Fundraisers

Get creative and challenge the brain by running a quiz night, it is so much fun! Organise a bingo night or run a raffle and help change the lives of children with cancer. Remember to ask your friends to donate to your page.

All about Bake Sale Fundraisers

Bake Sales are a fantastic idea to involve your whole community! Good sellers for a bake sale are cakes, biscuits, sweets, toffee apples, candy floss, popcorn, scones and much more and don't forget every dollar made from the sales will help change the lives of children with cancer. Remember to ask your friends to donate to your page.

All about School Fundraisers

Get creative and run a sausage sizzle, you can't beat a sausage sizzle it is a kiwi favourite. Organise a car wash or run a mufti day or a bake sale and help change the lives of children with cancer. Remember to ask your friends to donate to your page.

All about In Memory Fundraisers

In-memory giving is the act of paying tribute to someone you've lost by donating to REACH Child Cancer charity in their name and to help change the lives of children with cancer. Remember to ask your friends to donate to your page.

All about Create your Own Fundraisers

This is where you can be creative! Here are some ideas to help you out and remember to ask your friends to donate to your page:
Charity Dinner: Requires a budget. Organise a dinner and sell tickets to friends and colleagues with the profits going to your charity.
Beard Trim: If you have a beard or moustache, get friends and colleagues to sponsor you to have it shaved right off.

Pretty in Pink

Amount raised - $12,000

Thank you to the Pretty in Pink ladies from Ashburton that ran a high tea day to raise funds for REACH. Everyone had a fantastic day!!

Dumplings on Riccarton

Amount raised - $332.50

Ngahuia (middle) wanted to raise some money for REACH so she started a collection bucket in her Grandparents shop. With her amazing effort and the kindness from the community she has raised $332.50. She is continuing with the collection bucket so when you pop into the Dumplings 2 Dollar Rice shop don't forget to make your contribution to support children with cancer.

Scentsy - Aimee Harris

Amount raised - $150

Thank you for all your help Aimee and everyone who purchased goods in order to help raise funds for child cancer research.

Jason Perry

Amount raised - $747.64

"After teaching snowboarding in Canada for 2 months and having my beard both, scare kids as well as freeze and get caught in my jacket zip, I have decided to shave it off. I have had a few cases of cancer in my family where we have had all positive results. To put it simply, I want to help others have the same positives results that me and my family have received by shaving my beard of 2 years off for a great cause. Any funds given will go toward helping fight child cancer. I hope you will join in helping me by donating to this fund"

Wine Knot

Amount raised - $705

On the 7th July 2017 Wine Knot ran a fundraising event called "Around the World in 180 minutes". They raised $705.00 for our charity Reach Child Cancer. Bryan Townley was the Captain for the evening that started the journey aboard flight WKA771 at 7pm in the Reach lounge . Guests were then given boarding passes to their destination.

Team Extreme ATV Racing

Amount raised - $159.90

Team Extreme donated $107.90 in total from 3 x fundraisers. Another step for helping Children with Cancer.

Thank you to Team Extreme ATV Racing. You raised $52, what superstars you are! Looks as if you all had a very enjoyable evening. Thank you for helping to REACH child cancer with much needed funds for child cancer research.

Whenuakura Primary School

Amount raised - $415.10

On the 30th October 2018 the children from Whenuakura Primary School ran a Halloween fundraiser for REACH. It was a day filled with spooky and fun challenges. They raised $58.10, well done kids!

Whenuakura Primary School, South Taranaki ran a "Gold Head Day" fundraiser and raised $73.00. The junior class organised this and were very proud of their efforts. They are a two classroom rural school.

Whenuakura Primary School had a second fundraiser and worked very hard selling $1 bags of hokey pokey to raise funds for REACH. They're a class of 21 children and sold 177 bags full of gold lollies to their friends and family. They came up with the idea after having a gold head day a few weeks before. Gold is REACH's colour so they decided to make and sell hokey pokey. Here is a photo of the children counting 5 pieces into each bag.

Darren Tait

Amount Raised - $1,752.93

"7 years ago I almost died from a rare illness. At the time I said my perspective in life was changing but turned out to be just words. Nothing had really changed. I still eat and drink what I want, do very little exercise and sit on the couch watching telly most nights.

I have did something that I should have done years ago but have been advised not to do. But sod it I am still going ahead with it. I have entered City to Surf in Sydney - Sunday 13th August. This is only 14k but to me this will be massive.
My illness has had a long lasting effect on my bones and blood pressure which is the big concern......
I know this is not going to be easy but there are so many people in a much worse space than I am. No matter if I run 14k or walk 14k I will do it"

Vege'n Out - Woodend

Amount raised $44.70

Thank you to Vege'n Out Woodend and their customers for their kind donations. A total of $44.70 was raised in our collection bucket. 


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