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Quiz & Auction - 7th September 2017

We were incredibly lucky to have several works of art donated to us from local artists - Mandy Palmer, Pieres le Seurs, David Reese Keane and Anne Dillon, Samantha Fay, Marie Browne and M.Le Cren.
Thank you to the Brew Moon and Canterbury Kombie Chauffer for their combined auction prize of beer tasting and pizza lunch for the highest bidder. Hassle Free Tours for their most generous Lord of the Rings tours and Christchurch City Tour. Rugby NZ for the signed All Blacks rugby ball. Huge thanks to at Kelvin Cruickshank, Nigel Latta & Hanmer Springs.
One of the items was the stunning and beautiful copper works by David Reese Keane which was purchased by Child Oncologist Dr. Tristan Pettit. He hinted the art works may have a new home up in the CHOC department which we believe is the perfect place for it.


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