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REACH Child Cancer T Shirt



The REACH child cancer logo was created with the image of a butterfly to represent the soul of the child. The hearts signify love but also when a child finishes treatment they are often given a purple heart bead of courage. When a child passes their last bead of courage a butterfly is gifted to the parents. The hearts are also rainbow colours to signify hope. If you look closely at the wings you'll see a profile of four faces. This represents the four mothers who set up the charity with their four children that have cancer. The gold ribbon is the child cancer awareness colour.

The t shirts suit both men and women.
Made from very good quality cotton.

Sml = size 10 - 12

M - size 12 -14

L - size 14 - 16

XL = size 16 - 18

2XL = size 18 - 20


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