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Woohoo! $40,000 was donated to the ctDNA project

REACH is proud to announce that on the 17th October 2018 the first contribution of $40,000 to child cancer research was handed to Professor Parry Guilford to fund the ctDNA project. 
Many thanks to everyone who donated to this worthy cause and tirelessly volunteered their time over the past 2 years. 
All donations made will continue to go towards helping our kids that are diagnosed with cancer to receive the best possible treatment which will be less toxic, less harsh, and less evasive.
All donations are kindly accepted by clicking here

Past Events

Bucket Appeal - 1st September 2017

A big thank you to Jan who stood in the freezing cold at Eastgate (even Eddie bear got a bit chilly.)

Bucket Appeal - 1st September 2017 - A big thank you to Jan who stood in the freezing cold at Eastgate (even Eddie bear got a bit chilly.)

Bonus Offer!

⚡BONUS OFFER! When you buy an Entertainment Membership from us, not only will you be supporting to improve outcomes for those children diagnosed with cancer, but you will also receive a bonus $10Read more

The perfect way to celebrate Mothers day

Give mum the VIP treatment with Entertainment! Packed with thousands of valuable offers across dining, retail, attractions and travel, an Entertainment Membership is the gift she can enjoy all yearRead more

Bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant

A bone marrow or blood stem cell transplant involves chemotherapy and/or radiation and replacement of the damaged bone marrow or cancer cells by healthy blood stem cells.Read more

Radiation therapy for childhood cancer

Radiation therapy treats cancer using high-energy x-ray beams. The beams target cancer cells from outside the body and destroy fast-growing cells, such as cancer cells.Read more

Surgery for childhood cancer

Many children with cancer will have surgery during their treatment. Most surgeries happen in the operating room while your child is asleep under general anaesthesia.Read more

Chemotherapy for childhood cancer

Chemotherapy treatment uses anti-cancer medicines (drugs) to treat cancer by stopping cells from growing, or by destroying cells.Read more

Cancer treatment

There are 3 types of treatment commonly used to manage cancer in children: chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy.Read more

Blood tests and blood counts explained

Helpful information about blood tests and why they are so important for children going through cancer treatment.Read more

Medicines to help with pain during tests and procedures

There are many different types of medicines to help reduce your child's pain and anxiety during tests and procedures for cancer. Read more

Tests to find out how well organs are working

If your child has cancer they may need some tests to find out how well their organs are working.Read more

Tests and procedures - reducing anxiety and distress

There are many ways to help reduce your child's anxiety and distress during tests and procedures for cancer.Read more

X-rays and scans to test for childhood cancer

X-rays and scans take pictures of various parts of the body. Bones show up most clearly but you can also see other tissues.Read more

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